Vertana is backed by 354 Partners LLC, a New York-based investment firm.

We are attracted to companies that are leaders in their markets yet have substantial room for improvement. Once acquired, the businesses benefit from Vertana's consolidated warehousing, fulfillment, IT, marketing and customer service operations. Vertana ensures that the character of the businesses it acquires remains true to their mission by remaining close to the customers that have supported those businesses since inception. We achieve growth through acquisition of existing business and ongoing improvements in our consolidated operations.

Our acquisition focus is in niche businesses with substantial online presences and strong positions in their markets. Vertana acquires companies where we can add significant value through our expertise in online sales and operations.

We understand selling a business is not something owners take lightly. Successful entrepreneurs work extremely hard, often putting their personal resources and relationships under stress. And regardless of the reasons for selling a business, they want the next owner to take care of it as they did.