Our Company

Vertana is a new kind of e-commerce company based in New York City. We are building a group of fast growing niche online retailers in a diversified range of specialized markets. We acquire solid businesses and super-charge them to unleash their full potential. Our businesses maintain their own unique brand identities but benefit from a common operational platform. We leverage expertise in marketing, fulfillment, warehousing, IT, administration and finance across businesses.

Long-Term Timeframe

Our aim is to acquire, manage and hold businesses indefinitely. That is why we focus on long-term growth, not on short-term cash flow generation.

Focus On Growth

When we acquire a business, we do so because we see clear potential for growth. Our operational focus is on ensuring that that potential becomes a reality. Working with employees, we develop and implement a series of enhancements to move the business to a new growth trajectory. During this process, we often enhance the branding, marketing, sales and fulfillment efforts of companies to improve value for customers.

Leveraging Best Practices

Over the years, constant innovation has produced an exciting yet bewildering set of online tools that can be very powerful in the hands of small businesses. Our approach is to take techniques and technologies that were once available only to large companies and integrate them in the small businesses we acquire. In doing so, we help bring the product know-how of the business to larger set of customers and drive the organization to new heights.

Investing In People

A business is only as good as its people. That is why we believe in recruiting and retaining the highest possible caliber of individuals at every level of our portfolio companies. Our approach is to decentralize decision-making responsibility as much as possible so that every member of the team is empowered to make decisions efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, we want people to succeed and we make sure they have the tools and the freedom to do so.