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Vertana Adds Another Niche Online Retailing Brand to Its Rapidly Growing Portfolio

New York, NY (April 20, 2015) – Vertana Group LLC, an e-commerce company based in New York City, announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of, a leading online retailer of affordable powersports vehicles.  The acquisition is expected to close in May 2015 through a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vertana Group LLC, pending the completion of certain regulatory approvals.  

Vertana continues its rapid growth through the consolidation of leading online retailing destinations in enthusiast-driven markets. Vertana is continuously acquiring new websites and, as a result, is rapidly growing in terms of staff and revenues. (KMS) is a leading niche online retailer of entry-level powersports vehicles located near Dallas, TX.  Since its founding, KMS has become a go-to resource for entry-level and experienced fans alike looking for affordable power sports vehicles.  KMS offers electric and gas-powered all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), go-karts, scooters, utility transport vehicles (UTVs), trikes, pitbikes and dirtbikes, as well as parts and accessories. KMS was founded in 2003 by Nathan Carlson, who will continue to support the Vertana team to ensure KMS’s success.

"Website founders have a passion for their product, but do not have the resources to keep up with constantly changing trends. Vertana offers a better alternative: don't sell out, sell in," Matthew Holmes, President & COO of Vertana, states. "KMS will benefit from Vertana’s commitment to supporting niche online communities through investments in customer experience, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced fulfillment solutions."

"As KMS continues its growth, Vertana will deploy its operational resources to ensure KMS customers can benefit from the purchasing experience they have come to expect from other modern e-commerce companies. We are extremely pleased to welcome into the Vertana family.”

Since 2012, the Vertana team has been working hard to develop an operating platform that can lead the long-term growth of the niche online retailing community. Each website that joins the group contributes to and benefits from Vertana resources and expertise. The company expects to increase its acquisition rate in the coming months and looks forward to welcoming more leading niche brands into the group.

About Vertana

Launched in 2012, Vertana was founded by Matthew Holmes and Emmanuel Tesone to consolidate niche online retailers, primarily catering to enthusiast communities, and develop an operating platform to support their growth in the highly competitive e-commerce market. Vertana unlocks the potential of niche online retailers by acquiring and consolidating their operations. 

Founders have a passion for their product, but do not have the resources to keep up with constantly changing trends. Vertana offers a better alternative: do not sell out, sell in. By joining Vertana, each brand retains its unique identity while Vertana overhauls marketing, technology and customer support to provide customers with a world-class shopping experience. The constant development in operational scale benefits Vertana’s brand portfolio through the sharing of best practices, volume synergies, and most importantly, Vertana’s rapidly growing team of experienced and passionate e-commerce professionals.

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